Go Baby Go! Company Rolls Out New Self-Driving Stroller

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NEW YORK, NY – From self-driving cars, to luggage that follows you. It’s like “tech” does all the work lately. And now, the latest craze will have you saying “oh baby!” It’s the self-driving stroller.

You heard right. This nifty invention, created by Smartbe, is called the Intelligent Stroller. And rightfully so. It has not one, not two, but more than 10 different functions – including self-propelled mode, a bottle warmer, speakers for baby lullaby music, and a distance controlled anti-theft alarm.

And you can control all these from your app. Fancy!

Now here’s the kicker. Smartbe is still raising money for the products on Indiegogo, so you won’t be guaranteed one until 2017. That’s if you’re willing to pay over $3,000 bucks!

“I think it’s kind of strange,” Audrey Merlick said. “I’m afraid it’s gonna explode or something.”

“So I would be really tempted to say yes,” Jennifer O’Grady said. “I could see it coming in handy especially when you’re jogging.”

Okay, while you wait for this baby, let’s just hope it doesn’t end up on the recall list — like the 71,000 thousand baby carriers from Britax whose handles can break. And the skip hop crib mobile, whose strap attaching the mobile to the crib can break. And of course hoverboards!

So when it comes to the intellectual stroller, let’s hope a push doesn’t come to a shove- it!

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