Girl Scout Barbie Sparks Controversy

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Fort Worth – When you think of Barbie, do you think of perfection?

That may be one of the reasons some folks aren’t feeling Barbie’s latest transformation – into a Girl Scout.

The same impossibly skinny chick posing in Sports Illustrated just landed a three year partnership toting cookies and wearing a sash.

Of course, money is the motivation for this collaboration. Mattel reportedly gave $2 million to the Girl Scouts to seal the deal.

It just so happens, a group of Girl Scouts teamed up with Lockheed Martin employees to try out some engineering activities Wednesday. So what do these real life Girl Scouts think about this doll dilemma?

It just goes to show that no matter what Barbie wears, what uniform she puts on, and even if she puts on some pounds and ditches the make-up – she’s sure to stir up some controversy.

Scouts honor.

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