Ghost Writer: Local Author Details Paranormal Experiences in Book

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FORT WORTH, TX — It’s not everyday you get to hunt the dead and live to tell about it. Author Michael Graves wants to make it clear that he’s no ghost hunter,  but, for some reason ghost tend to haunt him.Well, with a name like Graves …is it any wonder?

“It’s not me that puts the spirits in front of the camera for whatever reason I’ve been allowed to photograph what I’ve been photographing for 5 years, ” he told Newsfix.

Graves has made a career out of snapping pictures of ghost ghouls and goblins. His first supernatural experience happened when he and his wife made a pit stop at the catfish plantation restaurant in Waxahachie.”

“Which at the time was having these after hours ghost hunting get together where you can take pictures and such, Graves explained.” “It was that very night i took my first spirit photos May 15, 2010.”

But, dark spirits aren’t the only thing his cam has captured. Graves says he has also come in contact with actual angels. He says one of those time was at Miss Molly’s Hotel at the stockyards.

“That night around 3 in the morning, a bright light came into the room angelic like,” Graves added. “I actually photographed an angel entering the room laying across the bed…”

Graves has put his high resolution images in his book titled “Ghosts: Revelations”.

So, if you’re trick or treatin’ for a good ghost story this Halloween, Graves’ book just might be a killer read!

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