OAK CLIFF — Everyone deserves a gift on Christmas, and that’s exactly what plenty of youngsters in Oak Cliff got this week.

Adan Gonzalez and his foundation, Puede Network, had their second annual Puede Angel Tree, where every kid in attendance got a gift that was donated by the community. Gonzalez was asking for a winter coat and some other toy or ball.

“A soccer ball, jacket, pair of socks, whatever it could be to bring joy to some of these kids,” Gonzalez told NewsFix.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about Adan in Oak Cliff. He’s the same high achiever that graduated from both Georgetown and Harvard before returning to his childhood neighborhood in Oak Cliff to teach elementary school. Giving back isn’t a passing interest. It’s imperative to making sure other kids in Oak Cliff know they can do anything they want.

“I was just like them growing up, and if they’re able to replicate this type of love that I feel to be able to help each other, and empower, and lift one another then we’ve done our job,” he said.

The Puede Network serves many kids throughout Oak Cliff, and Puede kids who weren’t gifted this week have another chance December 21.