Get your application ready for “The League” dating app coming to Dallas!

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DALLAS, Tx. - Remember applying for college or that first job? Yeah, we all worked hard on beefing up that resume to make sure it looked good!

But the school and employer were probably just wanting quality, honest, candidates.

Kinda like, in online dating. Unfortunately, what you see isn`t always what you get.

Enter The League, a free dating app for "aspiring power couples" looking for an equal partnership.

"We look for signals of drive in everyone`s application," says founder and CEO, Amanda Bradford. "We require Facebook and LinkedIn [...] We block you from your coworkers, we block you from any of your LinkedIn connections, and we block you from your Facebook friends."

Bradford, who's a Texas native, says the application is to weed out the creepy fakes.

"When people give us their LinkedIn information, that`s essentially saying, you know, I`m really looking for a relationship and I`m willing to kind of put myself out there, as I am, you know, an authentic person. Here`s where I work, here`s who I am, and so because of that, people are on their best behavior [...] we`ll look at what education institutions they`ve attended, what degrees they`ve gained, what jobs and professional titles they`ve had."

But what about salary?

"It`s nothing about that. We really care about ambition and it`s less about how much salary you`re making. I mean, I come from Silicon Valley where we`re all not making any salary because we`re all doing start-ups!"

Still, they`ve been criticized for being an "elitest Tinder," but bradford says the application is for vetting.

"Look at some of the environments that produce the most couples, they tend to be university systems and workplaces, and both of those have very rigorous screening processes background checks."

Cause at the end of the day, most of us are looking for an honest, real life-partner.

The app launches in Dallas next week.


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