Get paid to go on a vacation based on your wildest dreams


Ever wonder what your vivid, strange or memorable dreams actually mean? Us too. So is here to help you make sense of your recent wild dreams and send you on a summer vacation based completely on an expert`s interpretation of YOUR minds inner workings while you dream.

Five dreamers will be selected for a virtual consultation with expert dream interpreters, Anna Toonk and Nina Endrst of The SoulUnity, to learn their dream`s true meaning and where they should travel based on their odd nighttime musings. The dreamers will also score $5,000 on and get upgraded to Gold Status to turn their dream-cation into a reality.

To have your dreams interpreted visit vacation now through Thursday May 27 at 5 p.m. ET to reveal in detail the most vivid, wild dream you`ve had the past year (the more detail the better!) for the chance to get rewarded with your literal dream vacation.

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