‘Get Out Now!!’ – Levees breach in Brazoria County, 911 system bogged as residents evacuate

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Levees at Columbia Lakes in Brazoria County have been breached, according to the official Brazoria County website. Authorities are urging residents who live in the area to “Get out now”, according to officials.

Brazoria County officials confirmed the levee has breached in the Columbia Lakes area of their County, along the Brazos River.

Emergency calls are being dropped as the 911 system gets bogged down, urging the County to alert people to use phones for emergency calls only.

Harvey’s havoc has continued to pour down, three days after the storm rammed Texas as a Category 4 hurricane, unleashing a torrent of rain, turning streets into rivers, and leaving thousands of residents stranded in flooded homes.

Several rain gauges in Harris County report more than 48 inches of rain from the storm. That marks the most rain ever recorded in the contiguous United States from a tropical storm that made landfall.

The previous record was held by Tropical Storm Amelia, which hit Texas in 1978. The US record — including non-contiguous states — is 52 inches, which fell over Hawaii during Hurricane Hiki in 1950.

With additional rain in the forecast, it’s possible Harvey could top the total US record.

President Trump is scheduled to visit southeast Texas today as the heavy rains continue. So far, 30,000 people have evacuated and sought shelter.

Harvey could still dump up to 15 inches of rain on portions of southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana, including the saturated Houston area.

Headed east, the storm was due to dump more heavy rain across both states, worsening the “catastrophic and life-threatening” flooding situation, before making landfall again Wednesday morning, near the Texas-Louisiana border, according to the CNN Weather Center.

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