Get Out Alive — Dallas Talks Burglar Bars Dangers

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DALLAS -- Burglar bars are supposed to prevent dangerous people from getting in, but unfortunately, they can also prevent you from getting out in times of danger.

That was the case earlier this month when 81-year-old civil rights activist Johnnye Hughes died in a house fire. She couldn't get out because of her burglar bars.

That's why Council member Casey Thomas and reps from Dallas PD and the Dallas Fire-Rescue team were on-hand to educate people about safe burglar bars.

"We want to talk about what preventive actions that we can take to address this concern to make sure we don't have another tragedy like the one that we had happen right in this neighborhood,” Thomas said.

That included Assistant Fire Chief Ted Padgett letting people know about installing burglar bars with inside release buttons, "There's a key to enter from the other side as he will show but on the inside you can use a thumb latch and egress."

It’s a simple change that can save someone from being locked inside their house in a time of distress.

"We want to, hopefully, create an environment to where it’s safe enough to where people don't have to have bars,” Thomas said, “But we want to make sure if they do that they're the type of bars that if there's an emergency, a fire, that they can easily get out."

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