FRISCO, Tx (KDAF) — German Doner Kebab has opened their first Texas location, adding to their growing list of US locations. If you’re a fan of gyro or shawarma, a GDK wrap, bowl or box is sure to impress!

Let’s first answer the big question: what is doner kebab? Per Rashid Rana, Partner at GDK, “the word doner comes from a Turkish word that means to rotate. A kebab is a big piece of meat on a big skewer which rotates and cooks. We shave it off and make kebabs out of that.”

“Our food comes from all over the world,” Rana said. “Our breads and spices are specially designed for German Doner Kebab. They come all the way from Dubai, our meat is locally produced. “

Of their items serving up a healthy portion of kebab, customers can choose between chicken, beef or mixed. They also offer vegetarian options.

Be sure to grab some of their out-of-this-world sauces! Check out their full menu here.