Genius New Accessories for Tablets and Phones

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You may own the latest and greatest phone or tablet, but do you have the best kind of accessories for them? Steve Greenberg, author of “Gadget Nation” shows Oliver Tull some of the best accessories out there.

ChargeLeash ($15.99-$19.99)– is the first Charge &Sync Smart USB cable designed to eliminate the loss of chargers for portable devices. It also reduces e-waste, reduces vampire power and offers anti-theft protection for expensive cell phones and other mobile devices. The ChargerLeash Smart cable with Loss Prevention Technology is equipped with an audible alarm that reminds its user to take the charging cable with them when they disconnect their mobile devices.  This electronics accessory was created specifically to solve the problem of forgotten chargers. Just as the name implies, this cable “leashes” your device to its power source, issuing an audible alert when you unplug your device. ChargerLeash is the perfect cable for the business traveler that does not want to lose their charger or cord while on the road… or at home.$15.99-$19.99

thingCHARGER ($39.95 ) – takes your average wall socket and turns it into a universal charging station. Slip it over your three-pronged plugs, and there’s no need to negotiate between your alarm, lamp, phone, and laptop. Aside from two standard outlets, thingCHARGER has two built-in USB ports and a top that doubles as a charging dock for your phone or tablet. To use the dock, the included lightning and micro-USB tips let you power up Apple and other brands of devices. That comes in handy for friends and family with different digital allegiances. 

PowerCube ($14.95 or $30 with USB) – is a modern reinvention of the traditional power strip. It offers more functionality—like two added USB ports—and is made to look better, too. Charge your smartphone, tablet and more with this USB outlet adapter that also offers four traditional power outlets. The clever cube shape erases the problem of having two plugs that are too big to fit next to each other. On PowerCube, you can use every single outlet. You can even stack PowerCubes to get more outlets as needed. PowerCube looks better than power strips or extension cords, and it’s far easier to keep within reach. With optional mounting accessories, it can be put on a desk, under a table—wherever you need power. No more crawling behind furniture to reach outlets.   

Tablift ($39.95)  – Using your tablet in bed or on the couch is less than ideal for viewing—not to mention uncomfortable. But we all try to do it anyway. Tablift holds your tablet for you, safely mounting it on top of bendy legs that stay stable on uneven surfaces. Your tablet fits in the tray and is secured by a bungeed clip. Adjust the legs to whatever height is ideal. It’s that easy—your tablet is elevated to eye level, and you’re ready to relax without holding it awkwardly or cramping your neck. 

 Catalyst Case (Prices vary by model) — Catalyst creates products that enable families to have the freedom to go anywhere and learn on their devices, free from worry.  An essential accessory for the new school year. Catalyst products help families enjoy their every day adventure. Catalyst cases for iPad are 100% waterproof tested, designed to meet military‐standards for impacts and are precision built for total protection wherever you go. With a grippy rubber bumper, these cases feature a clear front and clear back to showcase and compliment the design of the iPad. An integrated screen protector provides access to all features including Touch ID, Control Center and swipe notifications and generously sized ports accommodate most aftermarket charge cables and headphone jacks. Catalyst’s unique air and watertight acoustic membranes allow clear sound transmission into and out of the case while a bonus stand packs flat for convenience and makes watching movies or FaceTime calls a breeze. 

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