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September 23 2021 07:00 pm

Garland Teen Who Graduated in Hospital Gets New Liver

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DALLAS — Great news for Isobel Tutor, the Garland teen diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease who graduated from high school in a ceremony at Children’s Hospital. She got the liver that saved her life!

“We got the call last Wednesday. It was a really surreal feeling.  You’re waiting and waiting for that call. And when it comes, it’s kind of unreal that it’s actually happening,” her mother Joi Razinha said. “Really grateful and thankful it was able to happen.”

Dr. Dev Desai, Children’s Health Director of Pediatric Transplantation, was the main man behind that surgery.

“It is a complex procedure,” Dr. Desai explained.  “It has to be removed in a special way so that we preserve the blood vessels and the bile ducts so we can attach the new liver. And patients with liver failure usually have a tendency to bleed, so that makes the operation more difficult.”

“Without a transplant, she was going to have not a good outcome. She was in essentially liver failure.  It wasn’t going to last terribly much longer without the transplant,” Razinha added.

Izzy had acute liver failure. That means she needed help fast.

“People with acute liver failure are the sickest of the patients. It really becomes a race to find a suitable liver for the patient before they become too ill,” Dr. Desai said.

Well, looks like Izzy won this race and she plans to keep running.

“That’s the best part of my job — being able to care for these children and giving back their childhood,” Dr. Desai said. “Or in Isobel’s case, her future.  She can do anything she wants.”

“She wants to go to school, she wants to study fashion, she wants to do all kinds of exciting things,” her mother smiled.  “So, that’s what we’re looking forward to doing.”

If you’d like to donate to Izzy’s medical expenses, click here.

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