Garland Police Release Video, Hope for Leads


Garland Police looking for leads in woman’s death.

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Garland Police believe they have a murder mystery on their hands. The case involves Janet Vanderslice, 71, who was found dead inside her Lennox Lane home on Saturday. Police say her body was discovered by her son who had dropped by to check on her. While the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office has not revealed its findings yet, detectives are treating her death as a homicide.

Without an obvious motive or witnesses, investigators may have caught a break. Garland police released surveillance video from a nearby house of two people walking through Vanderslice’s front yard and leaving the backyard. Police believe the appearance of the individuals is around the same time the murder took place.

“We cannot see their heads because of the camera angle. However, we do have a good body shot and you can see the clothing they are wearing. What we want to know from the public is if they recognize these people to please call us,” says Joe Harn, a spokesman for the Garland Police Department.

While the footage is not the greatest, maybe this is the clue that helps cops crack the case wide open. If you have any information you would like to pass along to Garland Police, call the Crime Stoppers tip line at (972) 272-TIPS(8477).

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