Further proof we don’t deserve dogs: research shows dogs can detect lung cancer just by sniffing

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A recent study by the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine has found that dogs can detect lung cancer with a 97% success rate. Led by Professor Thomas Quinn, they chose to use three beagles who are known for their excellent sniffers.

The dogs would smell blood samples that contained non small cell lung cancer and a separate sample from healthy individuals. Professor Quinn trained the dogs to sit down if they sniff and detect cancer. If they did not detect cancer, they would keep moving on.

The research team is continuing to test the dogs scent detection by incorporating other forms of cancer.

Currently, they are working on other ways of detecting the cancer by simply breathing to form a sample for the beagles to sniff.

So far, the dogs have been more successful than the most advanced technology, which could mean cheaper cancer screenings. If dogs being mans best friend wasn’t enough, they now can save your life by their sensitive nose receptors detecting cancer.

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