DALLAS (KDAF) — Karamo is back for season 2 on CW33!

The daytime talk show host will continue to provide guidance for relationships by seeking solutions and breakthroughs for guests on the show.

“The theme of season two is to embrace the mess,” Karamo said. “I did that as a theme because I think there’s a stigma around people who have a messy life. You know, it’s like, oh, I don’t want them around me…and we start to get ashamed. You know, it’s like if your house is messy right now, you’re not inviting anybody over. And what I wanna do is destigmatize and say, embrace that mess. Invite people over and say, yeah, this is what I’ve been going through. Now that I’ve been vulnerable enough to show you, can you help me to fix this and clean it up? And that’s what people get. When they come on my show, they come with their mess and they know that Karamo is gonna help them clean it up.”

You can watch Karamo on CW33 at 12 P.M. every weekday.