DALLAS (KDAF) — The Crow Museum of Asian Art is a museum in Downtown Dallas, Texas, is dedicated to celebrating the arts and cultures of Asia, from Ancient to Contemporary.

Listening to Senior Director of the Crow Museum, Amy Lewis Holfland talk about the Crow Museum, you realize she’s a champion of the collections and a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Japanese art.  One year from now, the Crow Museum will be opening a second location on the campus of UT Dallas. It will fulfill the vision of the Crow family, creating an accessible museum that’s 15 miles north of downtown, for the next generation of guests.

Yolonda got a chance to experience a collection of work owned by Jeffrey Montgomery, who decided to share his private collection in Dallas.  Montgomery is known for traveling around the world, and always keeping an eye out for new possible acquisitions that would make great additions to his collection.

This particular exhibition is the thirty-fifth and the second one in Dallas, and the Crow Museum is honored to be chosen to display a great body of work.  

Yolonda sat down with Curator Natalia Dipietrantonio, and she walked through the fascinating storytelling elements behind the battle banners from Mr. Montgomery’s home in Europe that have never been seen by the public until now. 

Upstaging everything on the second floor, you can immediately tell that the vibrant and colorful fabric has gone through some restoration and repair but has been in excellent condition since its origins dating back to the 1800s. Guest Curator Luigi P. Zeni Ma, who is a specialist in Japanese art history, did extensive research on the banners, confirming the dates of the famous battle.

For more information visit: https://crowcollection.org/exhibition/montgomery/