DALLAS (KDAF) — Check out the newest non-alcoholic drinks in Dallas!

ArKay Beverages is shaking up the liquor market by inventing the first alcohol-free formula that smells and tastes like liquor — but without the hangover.

The idea for the business came from founder Reynald Grattagliano’s son, who came home from a night out and suggested his father should make a non-alcoholic beverage that still gives the warm sensation of alcohol without the unwanted side effects. The result was a unique and innovative drink for consumers looking for an alcohol-free liquor alternative.

From rum to tequila to whiskey, ArKay has an alcohol-free alternative to suit anyone’s taste.

Wondering what the health benefits are for a non-alcoholic beverage?

“Number one, you don’t get drunk,” said Grattagliano. “Number two, there is no sugar. Number three, there is no fat. Number four, there is no guilt. Number five, there is a lot of fun. So at the end of the day, you’re enjoying the party without being drunk, and still participating with your buddies.”

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