DALLAS (KDAF) — Academy Award nominee Jim Capobianco, writer and director of The Inventor, stopped by Fun on the Run to talk about his new movie.

The film follows the life of Leonardo da Vinci, as he leaves Italy to join the French court to experiment freely, invent incredible machines and study the human body.

“The thing I truly tried to do with this film is show Leonardo da Vinci as a real person, and not just this genius we put up on a pedestal,” Capobianco said. “I really wanted to bring him down to earth so people could relate to him.”

The film uses a mix of hand-drawn animated illustrations and stop-motion puppets. It took over two years to finish the movie — including building sets and creating the illustrations — which is a relatively short production time for an animated feature film.

“I hope [the audience] takes away the sense of legacy, this idea that they have the power inside themselves to have an effect on the people around them,” Capobianco said. “Through your teaching and through your relationships, how you move through life, and this sense of can you leave the world a better place?”