DALLAS (KDAF) — You still have time. If you have not made it down to the State Fair of Texas yet, you have until Oct. 23 to make your way to Fair Park.

Of course, no state fair trip is complete without trying all the new food items and this year is a knockout.

“This year we have the crispy dilly dog,” Justin Martinez with Trio on the Green said.

“Award-winning seafood gumbo ball,” Greg Parish, owner of Gourmet Royale, said.

“We have our now award-winning fried charcuterie board,” Tami Nevins Mayes with Nevins Concessions said.

Whatever wild food you’ve been craving or imagining recently, odds are a vendor at the State Fair of Texas has you covered.

Here at the Trio on the Green, they’re serving up a fair food classic with a pickle-y twist.

“We core out the pickles. So we get a nice-sized pickle, we core it out, we put 100% all beef hot dog in the middle of it. Then we dip it in the corndog batter which everybody obviously loves corndogs. We fry that up, and then to give it a little extra crisp, we roll it in panko bread crumbs and then that is deep fried,” Martinez said.

Another crowd-pleaser this year has been from Holy biscuit. It’s called the Fat Elvis, filled with marshmallow cream, and some fried plantains on top of the biscuit.

A warning to the masses: bring your napkins for this one. It has tons of flavor that is sure to satisfy just about any fairgoer. If you’re a peanut butter fan, it’s got that. It is messy but nothing you can’t handle.

This next dish also mixes savory and sweet, mixing fruity pebbles and ship.

“[There’s] five pieces of shrimp dipped in a Cajun batter with fruity pebbles in the batter as well. [It is] topped with a ranch sirarcha with fruity pebbles on the side of that and then fruity pebbles on top so it’s spicy, sweet, salty,”

This one is definitely for the people who have a more unique flavor pallete, but absolutely delicious. We love how it’s not all just sugar. It’s got a little bit of sweetness but just enough savory to balance it out.

Alright, guys, we would be doing a disservice to the South without trying some delicious gumbo! At the state fair, they take gumbo, seafood, chicken and sausage put it all in a ball and deep fry that.

“It’s a deconstructed gumbo. We take a rice ball and I add roux sauce along with lump crab, jerk chicken, andouille sausage and Gulf Coast shrimp. I put it in a ball and we use breadcrumbs to make it stick together,” Greg Parish, owner of Gourmet Royale, said.

Served as some deep-fried okra on the side, and this dish is a Southerner’s dream. This for sure is a great lunch option for an all-day fair trip.

Of course, we would be remiss not to talk about the most popular item this year, that being the Deep Fried Charcuterie board.

This hot menu item gained social buzz after winning the Big Tex Choice Award for Savory and we completely understand the hype.

“So we did our prosciutto, salami, green apple and mozzarella. Then we did some balsamic and some special spices that I don’t even know what’s in it, to be honest. Then we top it with Mikes Hot Honey which is spicy honey not hot. And then [we top it with] goat cheese,” Tami Nevins Mayes with Nevins Concessions said.

It’s sophisticated it’s not just your typical state fair food. It is multi-layered with the apple, honey, and other ingredients.

The last day of the State Fair of Texas is Oct. 23! So come on out and try out these new and unique items. For more information, visit bigtex.com.