DALLAS (KDAF) — Dallas’s newest bar is actually on wheels! The Boozy Bar is the newest mobile bar service, made from a remodeled horse trailer.

The family-owned service started out during the pandemic. But now it’s a full-blown business. Jenny Anchondo introduces us to the people who started it all.

“This was our COVID project. We weren’t working during the pandemic. I had an idea of wanting to get into events not really knowing what direction to go. Jordan has bar experience. Joe has mobile experience. So we just combined all three things and said, ‘Let’s do it.'”

Officials say the bar includes a customizable cocktail menu that contains fresh juice cocktails and more.

Boozy Bar showed Jenny how to make a vodka lavender lemonade. Watch the video player above to see how they make this delicious drink.

Learn more about them by clicking here.