DALLAS (KDAF) — Fashion has always been part of the lives of Derek Stricklin and Will Belin. In their combined 41 years as educators, they noticed the trend of fashion for high school students had not plugged into the “dress to impress” or the “professional method”.

So, they created Three Masters Bonafide Bowties in 2015 to succor and develop a unique look for creative minds that like wearing bowties.

They added a gifted educator to the team, Will Belin, with radiant ideas. Three Masters Bonafide Bowties have established authentic sets of bowties that are pleasing to all ages, genders, classifications, or associations.

They create the bowtie from wood, metal, acrylic and Lexan. The bowties are fashion-wearable for any occasion. The bowties are created to wear comfortably around the individual neck without any worries about the bowtie not looking professional.

Host Yolonda Williams got her own Fun on the Run customized bowtie. For more information, click here.