DALLAS (KDAF) — George & TV is the new miniseries streaming on Paramount+. It tells the story of the romance between famed country musicians George Jones and Tammy Wynett.

Michael Shannon plays George Jones and Jessica Chastain plays Tammy Wynett. They joined Fun on the Run to talk more about the show.

How does it feel to be playing such an iconic couple?

“I loved it. I loved it.” – Jessica Chastain

“Yeah, I think at first it was a little overwhelming to try and walk in their footsteps. We know how many fans they have and how beloved they are, so we didn’t want to let anybody down. But I feel like once we were shooting a week or two, we kind of got lost in it, you know?” – Michael Shannon

“The music’s incredible. [It was nice] to be able to sing harmony with another person. Their lives are so rich. For me, it felt like a privilege to have the opportunity to tell Tammy’s story.” – Jessica Chastain

Being born in Kentucky. Do you think that gave me such an advantage in playing George, Michael?

“I don’t know. George was from so much further south than I was. I was from Kentucky but I was from Lexington, which is kind of an okay area, I suppose. But it’s interesting because I had driven across Texas when I moved to LA. I drove the length of Texas and I drove through a lot of these places, just coincidentally, that George had lived without knowing that I was ever one day going to play him. So I had the memory of that to draw from.” – Michael Shannon

Jessica, do you feel you have such a new appreciation for Tammy after having to sing the songs and just you know, just embodying her in every way?

“Absolutely. I have an appreciation for Tammy. I started to develop it really like about 10 years ago when I started reading about her and what she went through. I find that people are very, very quick to judge her. It’s shocking to me, even today. People say things like, ‘Tammy was so ambitious.’ And they say it like it’s a bad thing. It’s an amazing thing. In the 1960s she showed up in Nashville with her kids, a divorced woman and she became the first lady of country music because of her tenacity and her will, and her talent. I think that’s the reason she’s probably so iconic. Yes, she sang about conservative ideals for women, but also she lived her life like a shooting star. She was such a firecracker and so inspirational.” – Jessica Chastain