DALLAS (KDAF) — You may have seen the famous sketch where Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson finally reunited in a recent SNL sketch, but that’s not the only work Kel Mitchell has been up to lately.

The comedian and actor stars in a new Christmas movie All I Didn’t Want For Christmas, where he plays an elf named Wolf who is sent to make sure a child’s request comes true.

Kel Mitchell joined Fun on the Run and talked to host Yolonda Williams about the film and his career.

How fun was it making this movie?

So much fun. I love Christmas movies. When I got the call, I’m was like, ‘Of course, I definitely want to be a part of this.’ I get to play an elf. What’s cool about it is that it’s not your average elf. I’m rocking locks. I got cool outfits on so I just had a blast doing this. Gabby is hilarious. Her improv skills are amazing. I hope they show a blooper reel at the end of the movie, because it’s so funny. You’re gonna be laughing all the way through this. It was an amazing cast to work. I got to work with the legendary Loretta Devine as well.

The comedy chemistry between you and Gabby is just so natural. I totally enjoyed it, just you guys going back and forth. I can tell the love little things were added here. There wasn’t scripted.

Thank you. Yeah, that was really magical on set. I mean, that’s what you want as an actor to just where the cast just gels so good. I and Gabby just had so much fun doing this. You know, it’s a family thing. Now at this point. She’s family.

You can’t go wrong by having Loretta Devine in a movie. Did you just not shout right there on the spot?

You know what, it was crazy. I was texting my parents, because we have a good scene together, me and Loretta. I had to pinch myself like I’m acting as a Wolf in the scene, but killing and screaming like I’m working with Loretta Devine is scary.

Okay, so check it out. My sister texted me on Saturday night. She says, ‘Are you watching SNL?’ I said, ‘Okay, what’s going on?’ She said, ‘I’m not gonna tell you. She says because I know how you love Kenan and Kel.’ She says, ‘You just wait.’ When you burst in the scene, and you ran straight to the cooler where the orange soda was, I lost it.

Yo, it’s so much fun. Shout out to SNL, and my brother Kenan, amazing job, super talented hosting the entire night. The way that they made that set look just like the Kenan and Kel set. I just had so much fun. It was great. Everybody’s talking about it. It was awesome.