DALLAS (KDAF) — It is the holiday season and people are using this merry time of the year to indulge in an adult beverage.

One of the most festive holiday drinks this time of the year is eggnog and for good reason. Eggnog is creamy and delicious.

Traditionally it is made with eggs, cream, milk, sugar and your alcohol of choice (it is very common to make it with rum). Though it’s always nice to leave it up to the pros though, so we took a trip to Lucky’s Cafe around Oak Lawn.

They start their recipe with a dozen of cage-free eggs, separating the yolk from the white. Once they have separated all their eggs, they use a mixing tool to work in about one pound of sugar into the yolks until smooth. Then, they add a cup of bourbon and a cup of Maker’s Mark to the mixture. This mixture will go into the fridge to cool for 12 hours.

Once the base has cooled, they take one quart of half and half and one quart of heavy whipping cream into a bowl. Mix that together until it has a nice consistency. After that take your egg whites and whip them into a foamy consistency.

Mix all of those ingredients together and you have delicious eggnog.

Learn more about Lucky’s Cafe by clicking here.