DALLAS (KDAF) — Jewelry is one of those things that I think is so special to give to anybody you love in your life. There’s also something so special about a luxurious piece that you can have for years and years to come.

Now if you don’t know where to start, I’m at Bachendorf’s at Galleria Dallas, and they’re showing us some of their special pieces and how they make them all.

“Bachendorf’s is a family-owned company. We’re in our fourth generation now, same with our clients. We’re seeing fourth and fifth-generation clients which is really special. We specialize in luxury goods diamonds, jewelry and watches,” Fallon Bock, Vice President and Buyer at Bachendorf’s, said.

How do you cultivate loyalty for multiple generations? You tailor to the customers’ needs and you make them feel special.

“It’s really the love of the jewelry and the love of the person that makes it special. You know, it takes 1.2 billion years for a diamond to form imagine giving that to someone and saying this is how long this took. This is how much I cherish you,” Fallon said.

Stephanie Mendez learned more about what how they make their signature jewelry pieces at Bachendorf’s. Watch the video player for more information.