DALLAS (KDAF) — Deke Sharon is a producer and composer most known for his work with the current sound of modern acapella music.

A long-time friend of Fun on the Run Host Yolonda Williams, Deke has been referred to as the father of contemporary acapella.

He joined Fun on the Run to talk about his career. Here is their conversation:

When did our love for acapella music begin?

I started out singing in the church choir. I started singing before it could talk. I’d bounce my head on my pillow and sing myself to sleep. My parents were worried I would get brain damage. I was in the church choir when I was age 5. When I was age 7, I was in the San Francisco Boys Course. It was the acapella sound that I fell in love with. Then the college acapella thing came and swept me away. I decided that I needed to make a career of it and spread this wonderful music around the world, and I got lucky.

What is it about the acapella music in the community? And that’s a whole other community in itself. Why is it so popular now?

Well, a couple of things. Number one, I think there’s so much technology in our lives, right? So many computers, so many synthesizers. When you listen to music, everything’s been so polished and honed, and humanity has been taken out of it. When you see a bunch of people singing, nothing else going on on stage, just their personalities, it warms your heart. This is why right now around the holidays, everybody wants vocal music. Choirs and vocal harmony are at the core of so many religions, institutions, and traditions because it is the most powerful and spiritual way to connect people.

I want to talk about this new project best in snow. You’re still with the Disney family, and I see Titus Burgess is in this particular project. Tell me how was that experience?

It was a blast. So we filmed it back in February, way up at like 12,000 feet in Colorado. It was super cold, with very little oxygen, but we had a blast and the whole show is a snow carving competition with these different teams from all over. My Disney acapella group DCappella are like the townspeople, and they sing all the rules instead of speaking them. It’s all Christmas carols with the lyrics changed. So that’s super fun. Then Kermit shows up and Titus is a blast. The show’s really really fun and it’s streaming right now and Disney+.

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