DALLAS (KDAF) — As you get older, it’s sometimes a little harder to find love.

The new show Back in the Groove is connecting single 40-year-old women with men half their age. Yep, that’s right.

If you’ve never heard of the INTO The Groove Hotel, it’s a magical resort on an island in the Dominican Republic.

Fun on the Run host Yolonda Williams got to meet the stars from Hulu’s brand new reality dating series where all of this takes place.

Welcome, Sparkle, Steph, and Brooke.

You guys are giving love another shot? Please tell me all about that.

“I was looking for love still. I’ve never been married, but I still want a family. When the opportunity came to go off on a tropical island where there were a bunch of younger hot men, I was like, ‘Yes, that’s for me.’ I’m the hopeless romantic. 2020 kind of chewed me up and spit me out, like a lot of people and I needed a break. I needed a vacation. I needed to just find myself again. And I found a sisterhood with these women. I’m so eternally grateful for that.” – Brooke said.

“I have been married. I had the family and I still want to see hot guys. I want to see abs and pecs. So that’s my reason,” – Sparkle said.

“I just want a hot girl summer. I just wanted to have a good time. And then whatever happens after that is a bonus,” – Steph said.

What is the advantage of dating a younger man?

“There’s a vibrance. Their energy is, you know, kind of very comparable to mine. I’m 43, but I feel like I’m 25. I haven’t slowed down one bit. So I’m a fitness trainer. I need athleticism. I need stamina. I need someone that can really keep up with me, and that is a benefit to younger men. So that’s one.” – Brooke said.

“I think the advantage with younger men is just the energy. I think that they’re just much more vibrant. They don’t have all of the extra baggage that comes along with experiencing years and drama and problems and bad relationships. What I’ve learned in my experience with the younger guy is they’re just so much more carefree. It was fun. It was fun to kind of like let go of everything that we carry around with us through experience and just kind of just be in the moment and present at that time,” – Steph said.

“I think the younger men are more open-minded. They are less guarded from past experiences, so they’re open. They’re highly charged. They have a lot of energy and I’m high energy. So I think that it’s going to make us the most compatible. A younger guy has just the open-mindedness like myself and that high energy,” – Sparkle said.

Do you see yourself being an inspiration to other women?

“I would hope so. Because I think we are every woman. We’re literally three women that have experienced life from different perspectives. I think when you’re a woman in her 40s, we put a lot of people first. We’ve learned a lot of things and have we’ve had a lot of experience. But I think now we want to make sure that we’re including ourselves in this process. We want to look out for ourselves and do some things that make us happy,” – Sparkle said.

“I would definitely want to motivate and inspire women who have been in my position, who has had you know a double mastectomy or any type of altering surgery. So just to know that even though we’re a little different now and things have changed and we’ve gone through so much, there’s still so much left to do,” Steph said.