DALLAS(KDAF)—Fun on the Run with Yolonda visited a shop that would blow anyone’s mind as soon as they walk in.

When you step into Rocket-Fizz’s Arlington store, you won’t believe how much they have to offer. They have candy some people haven’t seen in years. From Boston Baked Beans and Red Hots to Lemonheads and Now or Laters, there was something for everyone.

The owner Richard Morris had Yolonda sample some of the top sodas like Tokyo Pop, Jones Soda, and the popular root beer. Yolonda was so excited to take a walk down memory lane and try all of the different candy and soda options.

There’s a great selection of candy and soda at Rocket-Fizz, so you’re sure to have a blast. Whether you’re looking for a candy or soda fix, Rocket-Fizz in Arlington is definitely the place to go.