DALLAS (KDAF) — We are taking you to a magical venue for all of those special events. It’s home to seven beautiful llamas on the picturesque grounds of a replica Irish castle, perfect for weddings, birthdays or just to meet the royal llamas.

It’s called ShangriLlama, where you can meet the following llamas:

  • Prince Barack O’Llama
  • King Dalai Llama
  • Duke Como T. Llama
  • Viscount Pajama Llama
  • Earl Bahama Llama
  • Boron Drama Llama
  • Sir Lance-O-Llama

During the cooler months, you can walk a llama at the castle’s Llama Walks. However, because Texas has turned the heat up, during the summer months, you can join the llamas inside an air-conditioned barn.

To book your llama lesson and to learn more about ShangriLlama, visit their website by clicking here.