DALLAS (KDAF) — It is the holiday season and if you want to give your child the ultimate experience, then look no further than the American Girl Doll store at Galleria Dallas.

They have tons of great toys perfect for a Christmas gift but they also have fun experiences for the kiddos, including a toy hair salon.

Fun on the Run host Yolonda Williams took a visit to the American Girl Doll store to see what all the buzz was about. Luckily for her, Carla Williams, retail sales lead at American Girl Dallas, was the perfect guide for our tour.

“We do everything for the doll. We do the doll’s hair. We do ponytails, braids, and ribbons. We have different styles, different colors of ribbon, they get to choose that we do doll ear piercing,
wait a minute, dot women doll ear piercings,” Carla said.

Parents, if you really want to protect your investment, this is the place for you. Carla says that she has seen 30-year-old dolls come in for a visit at their store for restoration purposes. This practically makes your American Girl doll as nice as it was when you originally bought it. The salon almost makes this toy childproof.

Hair isn’t the only thing that gets a makeover at the American Girl Doll store. They also have a spa for the doll and cleaning service to really restore it back to its original state. Or you can spruce up the image of your doll.

Dolls really are reflective of the times that they were purchased. Children today dress and act a lot different than the children in the times when American Girl Dolls were first created. All good things age with time.

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