DALLAS (KDAF) — If you still haven’t made your way down to the State Fair of Texas, this is your last weekend! The official last day of the fair is on Oct. 23 and if you’ve been living under a rock we got you covered.

Of course, you already know that you gotta eat at the state fair but before you gorge on some fried foods, make sure you get in your rides on an empty stomach. As you will see in the video player above.

We tested out the rides so you didn’t have to and now highlight four fan favorites out of the fair’s 75 attractions.

The Sling Shot

“We’re going to get you up to 200 feet in 1.2 seconds. That’s fast,” Rusy Fitzgerald, State Fair senior vice president of operations said.

“One out of five, five being the most intense one being the least intense. What slingshot would you say?” CW33 reporter Landon Wexler asked.

“I’d say that’s about a four and a half,” Rusty said.

The Skyscraper

“It’s 165 feet. We’re going to continue at 70 miles an hour. And you’re going to pull four G’s. That’s like a fighter pilot,” Rusty said.


“It was new last year and it’s gonna be exciting, right? It’s like a giant flying saucer. It’ll tilt up in the air and while you’re in it, have a bunch of people and you’ll be not quite upside down but close,” Rusty said.

Crazy Mouse

For 3 coupons, this ride is a ton of fun, not a lot of stress and easy on the wallet. We would highly recommend Crazy Mouse.

For more information about all the rides at Midway, click here.