DALLAS (KDAF) — whether you’re feeding a large group of people or you just want to satisfy a craving, let’s be honest, pizza is always a good choice.

If you want yours with crazy ingredients and no judgment, I think I might have the place for you.

“Here at Blaze, we are all about being yourself and making it your own,” Nathan Robinett, owner of Blaze Pizza in Rowlett, said.

Let’s say you want to get pizza with a large family. You ask everyone what they want but they can’t agree on the toppings. Well, Blaze Pizza is the place for you. Everyone gets their own personal pizza with more than 40 different ingredients to choose from as a topping.

From meat lovers to vegans to those who need gluten-free options, Blaze Pizza has something for everyone. They even have keto options if that is your diet.

If you are concerned about what is in your food, they also offer some reassurance.

“We also have no artificial ingredients, no preservatives. It’s all chef-driven recipes. Our chef selects every ingredient by hand, and we pride ourselves on being able to come here for lunch, have your pizza, you order it, and it’s ready in three minutes,” Nathan said.

Not only perfect for a family night out with picky eaters, but it’s also good for a quick work lunch break. No stress, just good quality pizza.

Learn more about Blaze Pizza here.