DALLAS (KDAF) — Here’s a question for parents? How frustrating is it when no one can decide what they want to eat? Pretty upsetting, right?

You may want pizza, but your child may want chicken, and your spouse may want some Asian cuisine. Well, what if we told you that you can get every kind of food you want, all at the same time?

OOMI Digital kitchen has just opened its first location right off the edge of downtown Dallas, on Ross Avenue, and this Dallas eatery may change the way you order out.

The OOMIverse is changing the way you order food. Now, instead of having to settle for something you don’t like or going to multiple places, you can order all of your favorite foods at the same time.

Fun on the Run host Yolonda Williams got a chance to visit with Markus Pineyro, the co-founder of OOMI, and he showed her step-by-step how to order lunch.

Here’s how it works

OOMI uses a mixture of new technology, delivery services and in-store pick-up kiosks to provide the customer with a centralized order experience.

With one simple click, you are able to order from multiple restaurants at the same time.

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