SOUTHLAKE, Texas (KDAF) — “Malai”. It’s slang for “beauty” in Thai. But did you know Malai is also now your new favorite spot for SouthEastern food and Vietnamese-brewed beer?

According to co-owner Yasmin Wages, the story of Malai Kitchen is one that small business owners know all too well. After coming back to the states from a trip to Vietnam, Yasmin and her husband Braden were eager to try Vietnamese beer; however, they ran into a problem.

“Nobody serves it. Nobody makes it. And so, we asked a few people if they would brew it for us and they laughed at us, so we were like, ‘You know what, we’ll do it ourselves,'” Yasmin said.

Malai Kitchen doesn’t just stop at great Vietnamese beer, they also serve guests a modern twist on Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

Landon Wexler wanted to know more about Malai Kitchen and spoke with the owners. WATCH the video player for more!