LEWISVILLE, Texas (KDAF) — If you’re living within the DFW Metroplex, you’re just a short car trip away from what people have called the “best cat café in the country.”

“A lot of people say they go to cat cafes all across the country and they say this is probably one of the best cat cafes they’ve seen because it accommodates the cats, not the visitors,” Owner of the Charming Cat Café, Beverly Freed said. “With themes to accommodate the moods of a cat at various times of the day. Some of them will like lots of light, be able to run about, have large space. some prefer to have space and settle in. Cosmos – this rooms’ been set up to be low frequency sounds, low light. the cats will go in there when they want to chill.”

The Cat Cafe is inside the Music City Mall in Lewisville, Texas – which doubles as a feline foster home.

“The cat corner is a huge foster home. one of the reasons is that we had been doing adoptions at PetSmarts and Petcos – cats hated it because they were in cages,” she said. “It wasn’t familiar to them. so, I built them a big foster home here. We’re working for the cats. we assess the adopters lifestyle and what their expectations are, what their experiences have been. we try to find a cat to match that. we really want the cat to be successful because then the adopters are happy, the cats happy, we’re happy.”

But visitors can stop by without pressure to adopt!