DALLAS (KDAF) — A North Texas mother and her son are the inspiration for the new Sony film 5000 BLANKETS.

The film tells the story of Cyndi Bunch and her son Phillip whose worlds were turned upside down in the late 90s when Cyndi’s husband became ill with schizophrenia, eventually leaving the family to live on the streets of Fort Worth.

Cyndi and Dallas screenwriter Larry Postel joined Fun on the Run to talk about the film and her life. Here is what she had to say:

Cyndi what inspired Phillip’s Wish in the first place? Could you tell us a little bit about the story behind it?

My son actually inspired Phillip’s Wish when he was five. My husband was mentally ill, and he would often disappear and go on the streets of downtown Fort Worth, and we’d go searching for him. One night as I was taking him into bed, he asked me, ‘Mommy, are you cold?’ And I said, ‘No, I am fine.’ He goes, ‘Do you think daddy’s cold?’ I was just taken aback. I didn’t know how to even answer that… He just kept saying, ‘We need to get these blankets so we can warm them all up.’

What inspired you to write 5000 blankets the screenplay itself?

Well, I saw the story on TV. It was holiday time. I thought, ‘What a beautiful and touching, inspiring story.’ I contacted Cindy through Phillip’s Wish. I said to her, ‘I’m a writer. I’m really touched by your story, and I’d like to write it. Then I’ll try to sell it.’ And Cindy said, ‘Sure.’ I interviewed her over the course of the next several months and wrote the screenplay. Then I got it to Sony.

Watch the full trailer by clicking here.