STAAR SURGICAL SPONSORED CONTENT — Joe Jonas is seeing the world a whole lot more clearly. Now, the singer, songwriter, and actor have teamed up with Staar Surgical to introduce what he says has been a life-changing new procedure to help the vision problems he’s had since he was a kid.

It’s called EVO ICL.

“I decided to get the surgery, probably about a year ago, after speaking with my doctor, and many different conversations about what it would be like. I can be a bit nervous when it comes to things like this, but he was very comforting and walked me through everything that would take place,” Joe Jonas said. “He said I just will ask you not to smile too much because you’ll see better than you’ve ever seen. That’s what he said. He was right. I genuinely feel like I was given bionic eyes and I’m waiting for the Marvel Avengers to call me any day now.”

The FDA-approved EVO Visian ICL lenses are designed for the correction of myopia, which is the need for distance vision and a stigmatism that causes blurred vision at all distances. Both affect millions of Americans.

How it works

A small flexible lens is implanted in harmony with a natural eye to give you excellent sharp vision day and night without inducing dry eye syndrome. They’re different from other vision correction options, in that they can permanently correct or reduce myopia and astigmatism without removing corneal tissue and they’re removable if desired by a doctor for added peace of mind.

The procedure takes about 20-to-30 minutes for each eye. Most patients like Jonas’ experience improved vision right afterward.

“On the hour, every hour, I was seeing clearer and clearer. I’m just sitting there going, ‘Whoa, wow.’ It’s changed so much of my daily routine, but also just the way I see the world,” Jonas said. “I would definitely recommend EVO to anyone that has glasses or contacts. Personally, I find it an incredible difference and a game changer for me, and a lot easier of a lifestyle. I have called my older brother. I’ve called my cousin. I’ve called like four friends and I was like, ‘Hey, you got to do this. This is unbelievable.'”

So what else is this megastar up to?

“[There is] DNC stuff that we’re doing. A lot of it I recorded last year. I have so many songs that I’m excited to release. So as it slowly starts to roll out, you’re going to hear more and more. I think we’ve been trying to do something every few weeks if not every month. New song for the audience. Not only DNC fans, but it seems like a lot of brothers fans seem to kind of trickle over,” Jonas said.

And when it comes to juggling it all…

“I’m not sure if I figured out the balance quite yet a career versus family time but I definitely try to take more time off than I used to. [I try to] be able to be present and just be with my family. But I love what I do, so it makes it really easy,” Jonas said.

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