META SPONSORED CONTENT — The holiday shopping season is here and new research suggests more people than ever will be looking for online deals.

Joining us today is retail expert and journalist Trae Bodge who is partnering with Meta to showcase how you can support small businesses in your community.

In what ways can we support small businesses during the shopping season?

The holidays are really a crunch time for small businesses. In fact, according to the latest global state of small business report from Meta, we found that 25% of small businesses are relying very heavily on the holiday shopping season for their annual revenue. So as shoppers, it’s super important for us to support small businesses during this time. Thankfully, Meta has created a beautifully curated gift guide that features a lot of the top small businesses on Instagram and Facebook to help guide our holiday shopping decisions. What’s great is that each listing has an exclusive code to help us save while we’re shopping.

What support is available for businesses?

You may not know that Meta has so many amazing resources. They have a brand new marketing guide, which has tips and tricks and programs and all sorts of free resources to check out you can also check out the Meta for Business website, which has free marketing plans. There are a lot of amazing resources that you can take advantage of from Meta.