SPONSORED CONTENT (FROWNIES) — Everyone wants to have a little control when it comes to how they look and wrinkles are just one of those things that people have been trying to control for a very long time.

Frownies, the original wrinkle patch wants to do just that, give control to women while empowering them to honor, embrace and celebrate who they are. Frownies has been on this mission since before the year 1900.

Fun on the Run’s Yolonda Williams was joined by Helen Morrison who just so happens to be a fifth-generation female owner and the face of Frownies to talk about the original wrinkle patch. Be sure to watch the full interview in the video player above!

What are Frownies?

“Frownies are Facial Patches invented in 1889 that are used for smoothing wrinkles and expression lines.”

How do is it work?

“When you apply Frownies they dry hard/stiff, forming a cast or a splint for the facial muscles. They hold the muscles flat, preventing movement and tension, retraining the muscles to relax and thus smoothing the wrinkles and expression lines.”

Who can use it?

“Frownies are ideal for anyone looking to smooth and soften wrinkles and expression lines without changing the look of their face and without botox or injections.  Frownies are a great alternative for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding and can’t do botox.  And Frownies are a great option for people who get botox but want to extend the results from their botox in between appointments.”

Will Frownies work on existing lines?

“Yes! By minimizing the movement in the muscles you begin to smooth and soften the wrinkles and expression lines. Botox does this by stopping the muscles from moving and Frownies does this by stopping the muscles from moving. Of course, it will take time and consistent use. It’s not instant, it’s a process of retraining the muscles to relax and not hold so much tension in your face.”

Baby Botox and Preventative Botox is becoming more and more popular as younger men/women are turning to botox at an earlier age. Can Frownies work preventatively?

“Yes! Using Frownies preventatively is actually the best way to go!  It’s so much easier to take care of the skin before the wrinkles even form. I’ve used Frownies preventatively since I was 18 and I always recommend that someone looking to soften expression lines or prevent expression lines start with the least invasive option first, Frownies, before turning to expensive injections that could possibly have undesirable side effects if not done properly.”