DALLAS (KDAF)— A group that started in the ’70s, and sold over 40 million albums, is still going strong!

If you haven’t, guessed the band, it’s TOTO! Inside of DFW got to speak with group members and hear about their journey to success.

The Grammy award-winning rock band originated in Los Angeles California in 1977.

One of the band members, Fort Worth native, Warren Ham, said “I moved out to California in the early 80s, but it started in the ’70s. Jeff Bakaro was the original drummer for ToTo, so I had a connection there. I did a 3-year stint with him”.

Ham also said he was contacted in 2014 and said there was a spot opened in The Ringo Stars, and said he got the gig by word of mouth.

Make sure to watch the full interview on ‘Fun on the Run’ for the inside scoop about the band.