DALLAS (KDAF) — Getting zapped sounds alarming right? Well, no worries, nobody’s getting hurt. We checked out a new jewelry concept that takes away the worry of losing your jewelry.

Forever bracelets have been circulating on social media for some time now and a Texan decided to make Dallas the next forever bracelet hotspot. Introducing Nina Berenato Bracelet Bar:

“So I actually started as an apprentice in Brooklyn and worked under another designer for about five years before I came to Austin. And I brought my jewelry line to Austin about six years ago now and bought a little Airstream Danby. That was my first little mobile store. And that’s really how I got my start in Austin.

And a couple years later, I opened up my first store to domain. Through that store, we had people kind of coming from all over the state of Texas to come shop the jewelry. And once we launched the permanent bracelets, it got even crazier people were coming from Louisiana, Alabama, definitely Dallas, and making whole little day trips to get these special bracelets with their loved ones. And so that really gave me the idea to try to open up a second store here in Dallas, because we were just getting so many people from Dallas coming to Austin just for the jewelry and the bracelets.

This all came from a customer, I always say some of the best ideas that I can’t even take credit for because somebody will come in and they will say, I’ve been looking for this or I’ve been wondering if someone could do this. And and that’s what spawned the whole idea of starting these permanent bracelets was just a customer coming by the store asking if we could repair something that they had, and we could weld it back together.

As a traditional metalsmith. Doing this type of welding is something I’m super familiar with. But I hadn’t really ever thought about doing it in this type of a permanent forever bracelet format. So we tried it and I was thinking like, do you think people are really gonna like this, you know, we did it in our Austin store. We started with like a one little table and I was like, let’s just see if people get into this and we put it up on Tik Tok. And next thing we knew there was lines outside of the door like we were booking our reservations within an hour, it was insane. Immediately, it just blew up.

And the chains that we use, they are 14k Gold and they are made here in the United States. So they have a little bit more of a higher qualities and some of the things you can get online and stuff like that. So they were really looking for these bracelets that were going to last forever to like hold these special moments with their friends and family. And so that was really cool. And then about a year into that we decided to launch the charms, which is like the second phase of the permanent bracelet thing where we actually allow you to add charms onto them and kind of create these kind of more memorable, more complex bracelets that are actually telling a story whether it’s a best friend set or as the lock and key with your husband, or if it’s a mama charm to represent your child or with a birthstone or something like that, we can really customize them a lot more now.

So I do a spring collection, I do a fall collection. And they’re almost always inspired by mythology or some type of a story about a strong female archetype. I will lock in on a story something usually fictional or something based in folklore, and take that heroine and then create a collection based on what I would imagine her wearing today. So the jewelry definitely feels like something like armor the women that wear it always tell me amazing stories about how it makes them feel.

So the idea of permanent bracelet sounds a little scary people always like is it a tattoos it attached to your skin all these questions. But what we actually do is we measure the chain and we have several different versions of chain you can choose from, we measure it perfectly to your body, which is another great thing because all of our bodies are different. And then we have a laser welder and we actually just zap it closed with this small little laser weld. So there’s no class and it’s permanently on you until you want to cut it off. That can go in any kind of water. They don’t tarnish or anything like that. It can go to the airport security. We’ve been doing this for a while.”

Owner Nina Berenato Jewelry

If you’re interested in learning more or finding out how to get your forever bracelet, click here!