DALLAS (KDAF) — The Rusty Buffalo Company is a staple in the city of Dallas. They have been creating custom fabrication, furniture, and other pieces for Dallasites since 1988.

Fun on the Run’s Yolonda Williams got to sit down with the owner Steve Mabry and learned more about the shop.

How did Rusty Buffalo come to be?

“It was accidentally. I used to be a mechanic. I worked at a dealership in Dallas and my mom went to an art show and she saw this sculpture of this big buffalo. She wouldn’t quit talking about it. I’ve always been artistic and she said, ‘I would love to have one.’ So I went to the art show and the buffalo was $27,000. I said, ‘yeah, I’ll make my own.’ I built this big buffalo sculpture and I had it in the back of my truck and I was driving to her house and some guy started honking. I thought, ‘Oh crap, it’s falling out.’ So, I pulled over and he said, ‘Where did you get that?’ And I said, ‘I made it’. He asked if I made furniture. I barely sit in a chair. I never make furniture. But I said, ‘Of course. Whatever you need. I’ll make anything you want.’ He asked what the name of my company was and I said, ‘Rusty Buffalo.'”

If you want to hear more from Yolonda’s interview with Steve, watch the video above. To see more from Rusty Buffalo Company, click here.