DALLAS(KDAF)— Meditation, stretching, and relaxation are all possible here at this local studio.

Vanna Collins’ Elemental Yoga & Meditation Studio is a breath of fresh air for the Oak Cliff neighborhood. From the time she was a young girl, Vanna dreamed of having her own yoga studio.

Now, her dream has become a reality, and the neighborhood is ecstatic. Her studio is elegantly designed to embody the four elements: Water, Air, Earth, and Fire.

Visitors will be amazed to see the rooms dedicated to each of the elements, each decorated differently. The Water room was filled with a calming blue hue, while the Air room was illuminated with a soft white light. The Earth room had a variety of plants and natural elements, and the Fire room had a cozy, warm atmosphere.

Vanna has made sure that each of the rooms is designed to represent the element it is meant to embody. She has also taken great care to ensure that each space is calming and inviting. Whether visitors are looking for a peaceful yoga session or a relaxing meditation, they can find it in Vanna’s studio.

Fun on the Run with Yolonda Williams recently paid a visit to the studio to take the tour, make sure to watch the video above to see her tour.