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Dry January: How to make a Mocktail mojito the ‘Faux-jito’

DALLAS (KDAF) — We know a lot of you did that Dry January thing or maybe Damp January and you want to stay on your health kick. So, we brought in registered dietician Meridan Zerner. You have some really good mocktail recipes.

Introducing the Faux-jito.

Faux-jito – 1 serving


“So mint of course in a Mojito, we would have mint and so it’s five or six leaves. And I just, you know, in terms of a mindful moment, like just take a whiff of the fresh greenery, we can all slow down to really appreciate those things that could be part of your new year. And then it’s 4-5 slices of lime, however, you choose to do that. So we’ll drop those in and we need your muddling skills. If you don’t have this muddling tool that bartenders use, you can use a spoon or oh my gosh, a small potato, so we’re just gonna get in there and muddle and kind of mix up the ingredients a little bit, kind of get the flavors blended,” Zerner explains.

“With that amazing muddling done, we’re going to add in just a little bit of sweetness and you could sweeten to taste right, you could use any sweetener of choice. This particular recipe just does one tablespoon of honey, which has, you know, some of its own benefits above and beyond just flavors. And then we add in just a little bit of ice and soda water. Then I’ve chosen lime soda water because it’s gonna go with our lime flavoring but you can also utilize other flavors. So once we get the lime soda water in, I’m going to utilize my honey spoon to get the rest of the honey out and just give it a quick stir to kind of release some of those flavors because you know in a mojito you kind of see the mint floating around so and you can muddle away if you would like smaller pieces. I like to add a little more flair because I’m a fan of color and why not get more fiber and vitamin C? I think you know adding in a few other little bits and pieces why not? So this is the fancy version of the mojito.”