FRISCO (KDAF) — Do you have the magic password? No? Well, it seems like Fun on the Run’s Yolonda Williams does!

With that password, you can enter the secret exterior entrance of Rare books Bar in Frisco! Yolonda did us all a favor and partook in some of the speakeasy’s menu items so that you might have an idea what you should try when you head out there!

Known for their whiskey, Rare Books Bar can sling you a couple of cool old fashioned or even make you a Honeymoon Shaker. They also serve some unique vodka, gin, tequila, and even coffee cocktails.

Interested for more? Be sure to watch the full segment to get a feel for Rare Books Bar and remember, if you’re in need of a fun night with some cocktails in music and a new venue, head out to Frisco, as long as you have the password!