DALLAS (KDAF) – Imagine growing up in a small town in Louisiana and then ending up with your designs and your dresses in the window of Stanley Korshak. That is exactly what’s happening for a very special Dallas designer.

We got the chance to chat with Stephen Goudeau about his recent fashion show and more about the world of fashion.

Growing up, did you ever think that this is where life would take you?

I knew I always loved style. My dad, he was very stylish. My mom was stylish. You know, my mom was very proud. They always kept me well-polished, so it just runs in the family. So just growing up, I just always had a niche for style.

How did you get started with this? I mean, even just the concept of buying all the fabric and coming up with the designs and you know, how did you start it?

So I would always sketch, but I wouldn’t necessarily sketch kids’ clothes. I just sketch people and I sketch clothes. I was just always a creative child. So I guess just going along growing up, people would ask me what to wear. So I would tell them, what to wear and they would say, Steven, you have an eye for fashion, you should think about, you know, going into fashion. I’m like, you know, I’ll try so I just used to sketch. My first piece was my cousin’s homecoming gown in 1999. It was a canary yellow chiffon gown. I still remember I have a picture of her she was the homecoming queen. That was like in 1999. And so I thought, okay, maybe I can do that. So in New Orleans, I actually worked with a tailor, she taught me how to sew. So I did the basic sewing and so forth cut patterns and learned how to do that. And then I said, Okay, maybe I can do this, turn it into a business. So that happened around 2008 and made it into a business.

You went from creating the windows for another brand and now you are the windows setup.

I started at Gap, which was one of my favorite jobs. I used to do visual merchandising in the window. Now I am the window.

What was it about you that made you succeed?

I just kept going, I didn’t give up. I tell everybody and especially aspiring designers, if I did fashion design for money, it was hard to balance creativity in business. I felt like I had to tone down a lot of my pieces because I felt they were gonna change the idea 10 years from now it looks like I didn’t release it. And I have over nine sketch pads, I have things I did nine years ago that I see it’s coming to life now. You know, and I just and now I’m to the point where I’m a designer and I’m a creative who likes it. They like it, and if they don’t that’s okay.

So, he has these exquisite bridal gowns, and other evening gowns he has ready to wear and he can do custom. Click here for more from Stephen Goudeau.