DALLAS(KDAF)—A day where we take gifts, flowers, and outings all to honor the very special women in our lives who inspire, love, and care for us… Mother’s Day.

Host Yolonda Williams shares the woman who has inspired her the most…her mom, Tobizena Brown Williams.

During a special interview with Tobiezena, Yolanda learns about her mom’s story and journey which still to this day keeps Yolonda inspired and strong.

She wasn’t just the most influential person to her family but also to the people around her. Tobizena was connected to filmmakers like James Hayes and Robert Ligans. While Yolonda was speaking with her mom, Tobizena shared memories about growing up in East Texas with her father.

The greatest memory of all was when Tobizena’s father brought the family a piano, and at only 5 years old she learn how to play. The world of music was then introduced to the family which changed Tobizena’s life forever.

She received her Bachelor’s from Bishop College and her Masters’s degree in music from Dallas’ very own North Texas University. Tobizena set an example for her children and valued education greatly.

Yolonda said her mom was her best friend and the most inspiring person to her in her life. Tobizena is no longer with us but the impact she made on her family and community will always live on.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama..