FLIPP SPONSORED CONTENT — Everyone wants to make their dollar stretch as far as they can. Given the rising cost of everything, consumers are looking for more deals and ever.

Flipp is a free shopping app that brings all your local deals and coupons to the palm of your hand. Here to help us navigate is Chief Deals Officer Nafisa Kassam.

Here is her full interview with Fun on the Run host Yolonda Williams:

What does inflation mean for Black Friday shopping?

Inflation, the rising cost of everything from home goods to grocery food is top of mind. That’s why this year, Black Friday is so important for those looking to find good deals, and really do holidays on a budget. Black Friday is no longer this one-day event. It’s a shopping season with deals both in-store and online all month long.

With so much more time to shop for great deals, it can get kind of stressful. I want to know how can I make sure that I’m getting the best deal on what I am looking for?

That’s where an app like Flipp can come in so handy. Flipp is a free shopping app that brings all of the best deals, local circulars and coupons right to the palm of your hand. The Flipp app is really all about convenience.

I want you to tell us more about how to use Flipp to prepare for Black Friday.

There’s a reason Flipp and Black Friday are synonymous. So for the month of November, there’s actually a section within the Flipp app that has all of the best Black Friday deals available right there for easy browsing. In case you’re looking for an item in particular versus doing the general browse, that’s when you can lean on flips search functionality. Using that search tool, you can look and find compare all of the deals available for that specific item. But don’t worry if you don’t see a deal right away for that item. That’s where Flipp’s watchlist feature can come in handy. Watchlist is a fantastic feature, because all you have to do is plug in that item, set up your deal alerts, and then take a step back. Rest easy because flip will do all of the heavy lifting.

Speaking of deals, you have some Dallas-specific Black Friday deals that you want to share with our viewers.

I do. Hot off the press, I have some special deals to share just with the viewers today. The first comes from JC Penney. They have thousands of Black Friday deals available already right now for you to browse, which really ensures that you can plan ahead. The good news is they have new deals dropping every week from categories like jewelry, kitchen appliances, to apparel, so lots of options available as long as you keep checking the Flipp app as those new deals come up.

The second set of deals is from Academy Sports and Outdoors. They’re really focused this season on making sure Black Friday is a breeze. So they have lots of options and deep discounts to ensure that you can meet all of your gift-giving means. The good news is they offer free curbside pickup and free shipping for any orders over $25.

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