DALLAS (KDAF) — CW33 is celebrating 15 years of The Steve Wilkos Show. The former Chicago cop and security guard for the Jerry Springer Show started his own show back in 2007.

The show has gained tremendous traction and a widespread audience.

But much like many great gifts in life, Steve says that getting his own show was unexpected and something that just kind of happened to him.

“I went into the Marine Corps and became a policeman. I was going to get my city Chicago pension and hang it up. And then, you know, just the crazy turn where I went to work the jury spiritual security for one day, one day turned into 13 and 14 years,” Steve said. “Being so exposed on that show, I developed the following people like Nacho, and, you know, somebody decided to give me a TV show. I was hoping to get three or four years out of that. Obviously, people like it, because here we are celebrating season 16.”

For those who don’t know, Steve Wilkos is a veteran. He enlisted in the Marine Corps and then after his service, he became a police officer, following in the footsteps of his father.

“The Marine Corps made me the man I am. It straightened me out because I was kind of a wild child in high school. So it really gave me some discipline and focus on a work ethic. But being a policeman really helped me with the show, because it gave me an opportunity to learn how to talk with people, listen to people, have empathy for people, and figure out when somebody’s lying to you,” Steve said. “Those were all good skills to have, when they gave me my show, to take those that I’ve learned over the years and, and translated mine them onto my show.”

Many also do not know that The Steve Wilkos show is a family affair, with his wife working as an executive producer on the show. But are he and his wife the only two Wilkos on the show?

“I got a daughter in college and some fashion up in high school and my kids, they don’t even turn on my TV. So they’ll be heading into that field,” Steve said.

Maybe one day they will join the show. For now, Steve says this season is bringing back a fan-favorite aspect of his show that was missing from previous seasons.

“We have a studio audience again. And you know, after two years of doing a show in a studio that’s empty out was really hard to do. And I don’t think you get the energy with stories that you did when you have a live studio audience plus, the fact that we have a new studio itself, they built up a brand new studio for me,” Steve said.

You can watch the Steve Wilkos Show on CW33! Watch the video player above for the full interview with Fun on the Run host Yolonda Williams and Steve Wilkos.

Yolonda Williams said, “So I know your wife is executive producer of your show anybody else dipping their toe in the world of television in the Wilkos Clan?”