From Beads to Plastic Babies… It’s Fat Tuesday, Y’all!

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DALLAS — It’s Fat Tuesday, y’all!

We may be a long way from NOLA, but that’s no reason not to celebrate Mardi Gras! Just ask Nathan Peck, owner of Nate’s Seafood.

“People come out here because I couldn’t go there,” the Louisiana native told NewsFix. “I’m a little pig-headed. I wanted to party!”

And it was a party at Nate’s, alright — live music, dancing, masks, face painting, and, of course, crawfish.

There was only one thing missing… King Cake!

Chef Tida Pichakron is from New Orleans, so her bakery, Haute Sweets, has been baking a traditional king cake. And that means there’s a plastic baby hiding in each one!

“Finding the baby, I believe, means prosperity and good luck,” Pichakron said. “But, of course, you know in this modern day and age it was always, you have to buy the next cake.”

Hmm… you know what else it could mean in this day and age?  A big fat choking lawsuit!  But Chef Tida doesn’t seem too worried.”

“Coming from New Orleans, that’s what I was always used to, so we figured we’ll just keep doing the tradition here and hopefully no one chokes on one – especially with all the warnings that we have,” Tida said.

Yeah, every cake has a big sticker on it: “CHOKING HAZARD: CAUTION!! NON-EDIBLE PLASTIC BABY INSIDE THIS CAKE”

Now, that’s a warning you don’t get every day!  And hey, a risk of accidental baby-eating is a small price to pay for tradition, right?

Speaking of tradition… Wednesday is the start of Lent.

But for now – in the words of Nathan Peck: “Fat Tuesday means I can do my sinnin’!”

Happy Mardi Gras, folks!

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