Another Ebola Case? Sick Dallas Deputy Being Tested

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Second Possible Ebola Case Being Investigated In Dallas Area
Dallas deputy arriving at Texas Presbyterian hospital in Dallas to undergo Ebola testing (courtesy: Getty Images)

FRISCO, TX —  A sick Dallas County deputy, who had contact with the Dallas Ebola patient’s family, is now being tested for the deadly disease.

Paramedics rushed the deputy from the CareNow clinic in Frisco on Main Street this afternoon to Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. This is the same hospital where Thomas Duncan was being treated and passed away this morning.

The deputy “showed some signs” of Ebola. Clinic doctors didn’t take any chances and called 911.

We’re told this deputy is one of the officers who went inside Duncan’s quarantined apartment on October 1. He had contact with the family but not Duncan.

The deputy is now being tested and his results are expected back within the next 48 hours.

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